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Doing this cause I can't fall asleep and it is already 6am....

Started off 2013 in Japan! Still remember having only slept 2hours cause we stayed up the whole night/day eating and waiting for the first sunrise of the year.
Straight after coming back to Singapore, I was busy chionging projects and studying for test. But somehow I managed to have a sleepover at Venna's house. was this only the month that we saw ykw at lc???

Still busy with school. But in the midst of preparing for exams was Chinese New Year period!!! So lots of eating (aka 5 rounds of steamboat). Yay celebrated CNY with AWAVE at Mango's house :D:D:D in which we played some rounds of blackjack and I won 10cent.
I think this was when I had my first try at Maccha? And also the start of Exercise Sunday with Mama(which didn't last very long :x)
After the exam peirod, was Gossip Group with manslave chalet! We had super bad luck. It rained on both days so we the BBQ didn't went smoothly and my phone spoiled when it got drench while we were cycling. Neverthless, it was still fun staying up chatting with my classmates and trying out bowling for the first time.

Holiday! All I did was nua at home. Oh, but I went out quite a few times with my poly friends.
I finally went back to SJC and take home the poster of me. Also finally met up with secondary school mates after a looong time. First attempt at baking cupcake with Venna and Mango for Gima-sensei's birthday!

Start of Year 2, sem 1...
erm...Nothing interesting happened :/ 
Referring to my organizer, all I did was complain about school being boring :/

Things are finally getting exciting!!!
Dasmond Koh, Be Yeo and Romeo Tan came over to NYP so I took photo with them. Told my mum that Romeo was my bf and she thought it was real(rarely watch tv) and was about to kill me.
Celebrated Venna's birthday at PS's house! The surprise was successful...right? Hahah it was quite fun, all 11 of us in PS's room and we skyped with J!
Also the month that I got left alone in Singapore because Mum and Sis decided to fly off at the same day.
Also the start of Project YKW II.

MUSIC MATTERS LIVE! Definitely one of the highlight of 2013! Going to remember this for life because it was just so damn awesome. I remember hyperventilating mentally in class when I know about it. On the same day that they depart from Singapore, J came back to Singapore and it was also Shuenko's birthday! So much happiness in one day.
LETS REMEMBER THAT I CAIGHT RYUTA'S GUITAR PICK AND TOOK PHOTO WITH WEAVER. though I missed flumpool cause I was waiting for J at the arrival hall

More project meetings....
Went picnic with classmate in the midst of hazy Singapore.
....Yup, that was all.

Another interesting month because in the midst of all the project submission and presentation was.....NAZODI CAST IN SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!
This is the highlight of my entire 2013.
And the power of AWAVE just amazed me. Lady Luck was so nice to us cause everyone somehow managed to secure tickets to the premier.
And also the month that AWAVE made our debut on Japanese news.

Another boring month because exam.
Had my lesson Japanese lesson...although it was only 4 months ago, I pretty much forgot everything already.
Went for the annual Natsu Matsuri with AWAVE!

....damn my life is boring. More like I should be more hardworking and get a job during the holidays.
I only have 1 journal entry for the whole month of September(or am I getting lazy...) :/ Oh, but Seiransai was awesome as usual!
Went to Mango's house for sleepover and started making our 3DMG.

The start of Year 2, Sem 2. Busy sem because wth, I had a project submission on the 2nd week already?!

Joined back the cosplay scene. AFA this year was the best. The lineup of guest was just awesome. So happy that I saw Suwabe even though I was quite far behind and only stayed for awhile.
The Shingeki session at MangaFest was great too!
Went for my first official BnS assignment! So lucky that the joined I got wanted to go to the same place as Venna's for the first half of the day. My Japanese is so rusty that I could hardly communicated with my group from Chiba.

In the midst of my term break now so...#lazybunagain
Finally went JB with my poly clique, ate like 3 meals in 6hours.
Had Natsume Yuujinchou photoshot with Mango as Reiko, Zach as our photographer and Sherry helped to SK. Blessed with a good weather!
Had a second class BBQ and I conclude that we just have no fate with BBQ. Heavy downpour the whole night and we had to carry the pit under the shelter.
Spent my birthday at Atiqah's house with Mama nuaing and watching various videos.
Just went out with AWAVE yesterday for dinner at Hoshino. Had a looongggg chat about Ship after that. that marks the end of my 2013? Probably going to watch Kouhaku and JE countdown alone to end the year.

NazoDi cast in Singapore!

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It has been a week since the NazoDi cast came to Singapore. Finally got back my laptop from the service center and can blog about it!

Around 2weeks ago, it was announced that the NazoDi cast (Director, Sho, Keiko and Kippei) would be coming to Singapore to promote NazoDi movie with a red carpet and gala premier screening. At the night of that day, I received a call from my friend asking me if I wanted to go for the premier cause she got a pair of ticket. I WAS SO HAPPY I RAN TO MY ROOM, SQUEAL AND STARTED ROLLING ON MY BED AND LAUGHING. Totally lost the motivation to do anything after that. But I still took part in all the various lucky draw there was because I wanted everyone in AWAVE to go (although I didn't strike any). After lots of drama, we miraculously manged to scrape 11tickets.

^Sho acknowledged our presence!

25th July, Thursday: Arrival
Golden Village posted the NazoDi's flight schedule on their FB page. So I rushed down to the airport after school. Reached around 2:30~3pm, there was barrier set up already and a black limo was park right outside the exit door. We stood near the front(but in the end, Sho used the other exit on the left) and awhile later, the media people came.

This lady approached us and asked if anymore of out friends are coming because the amount of people there were very little, probably ~50. I was really worried with the amount of people too, but it can't be helped since the details were release so late and arrival time was at an odd time(17:15). Many working-age fans and student fans already couldn't make it, plus the flight was pushed forward to 16:45.
Turns out Lady was an official of NazoDi cast. She told us to spread the message that Sho will only come out at 6pm. Because after landing, they'll be taken to a hotel in the airport to rest and put on make-up. (Hahaha, I laughed at this! The mental image of someone doing Sho's make-up!) So glad that there was around 500 of us by the time Sho arrived!

At around 4:45~5, from the arrival area, Keiko was escort out by security guards. The fans started screaming but most of us were uncertain if we saw correctly so we waited, and waited, and waited. But she never walked down the barrier area. Turns out she was really Keiko but she walked out throught another exit. Quite disappointed...was hoping she will see my くびuchiwa.

While waiting, curious people asked us who we were waiting for. Showed this lady Sho popcorn uchiwa and she guessed that he was in his early 20s! There was lots of filming by the Japanese media and they kept asking us to scream to the camera. We were eventually interviewed by them. There was a translator with the Japanese staff but since we all understand Japanese, we answered in both language. They asked us what we call Sho, which we replied "Sho-chan" then the Japanese interviewer asked us to scream "Sho-chan" and waved to the camera.

Some other question asked are:
-have we attend any Arashi concert before
-how did we get our concert goods
-how do we feel about Sho's arrival
-what do we want to say to Sho when we see him

Before Sho came out, they told us about the gala perimer event and everyone was screaming back "YES. WE KNOW! TICKETS! TICKETS PLEASE!!!"

Exactly at 6pm, Sho came into view of the arrival area. He looks so handsome la! So much more handsome then the previous time I saw him! He waved as he slowly walked and stopped near the banner that this fangirl did where he got interviewed. There was lots of screaming so I couldn't hear what he said. I ran to another spot to get a better view of him and OH.MY.GOD. SHO LOOKED INTO MY CAMERA, AND SMILED. Then as he near the exit, I faster ran out but he was alraedy inside the car. Was about to stop recording when SHO ROLLED DOWN THE WINDOW AND WAVED.
Okay, I will let the picture do the talking ;)
photo credit: modelpress
The moment when we saw Sho.
Didn't even realise that this was taken.

 The unexpected moment when Sho rolled down the limo window and waved!
gif credit: ulnaiy@tumblr
Just look at me and my bright Arafes shirt XD

 photo credit: paperheartsMIN@twitter.
I made it into the same frame as Sho!

26th July, Friday: Merlion park
Since I have no school on that day. My friends and I decided to try our luck by walking around Singapore tourism spot. And we hit jackpot with our first spot, Merlion park.

Saw Sho, Keiko and Kippei at really close distance. Didn't realized that I held my breath when I saw Sho and was on the verge of tearing when I heard his voice. Although this is the...4th time I saw Sho, it was the first time I heard his voice. It felt so surreal hearing him speak, I really am seeing Sakurai Sho in fornt of me, the Sho that I've been watching on my computer screen for the past 5years!

We didn't hold our phone/camera because we wanted the staff to trust us and not put too much of a barrier between us.
Sho was wearing a brown shirt with cream-coloured blazer and black pants. Keiko was wearing a white top with green pants and holding onto an umbrella. (Kageyama, why you never hold it for your mistress!)

Waved to Sho, although he didn't waved back, I had eyes contact with him~~~ waved to Keiko too and she sweetly smiled and waved back! When they change location, Sho rejected the umberlla that a staff was about to open for him. As Sho walked to the next location, he took off his jacket!!!
We rushed after him AND WERE SO CLOSE TO TOUCHING HIM(but we resist, knowing that we would be killed by his glare if we did). We were just following him closing behind and at the point, he was separate from the staff, perfect opportunity to grab him and run okay! Van had to hold me back the whole time from going too close to Sho.
 photo credit: Priscilla Zhang@FB

At the next location, a male staff helped Sho touch up his make up. It was quite funny seeing a guy pad sponge onto Sho's face! Sho was made to do the 'drinking-from-Merlion' pose and the cameraman had him stay in the position for a good 30sec~1min(half squat and butt sticking out!). After the filming ended, Sho took a towel and stuck it underneath his shirt to clean his perspire. XD

27th July, Saturday: Red carpet
The red carpet was suppose to start at 5:30 but cast only arrived at 6:30.

There was lots of false alarm because of they were interviewing/recording footage(like what happened in the airport) once again.

We were interviewed by Mezamashi, this time by a female announcer with no translator. Asked how we were feeling, what time we started queuing etc. She said that we must be very excited especially since we got such a good spot. She noticed that most of us were wearing spectales and asked if we wore it for Kageyama. Hahahah, then someone told her "目が悪いから".

The staff played Meikyuu Love Song and we sang along, it was recorded down by the NazoDi staff and Mezamashi. The media people kept signaling us to sing louder but we were too embarrassed to do it.

Around 6pm+ the host came out.  I was really amazed by how he can  immediately change from speaking English to Mandarin. Just nice when he told us that he will update us about the cast arrival, we saw limo cars drove in and started screaming, but it turns out to be just some rich people. = =

When the cast arrived, it was pure madness. Screaming all around and I could barely see Sho because everyone was tip-toeing and hands up with their camera. But luckily the cast stopped in front of us where they were interviewed by Mezamashi!
Sho looked really prince-like and Keiko was so pretty! After the introduction, 3 children presented the cast Orchids. Sho looks so fatherly standing with the kid! 

At the end, Sho took the host's mic and said, "See you later" before going off~
photo credit: Golden Village Picture

Gala Premier Screening
Since everyone got their tickets differently, our seats were all different. I got a really good seat for this one too. I was at level one, around 6 row from the front, but my neck arch from watching the movie. Despite the good seat, I felt quite lonely and awkward over there cause I was surrounded by mostly Singapore media people... battery die and couldn't take any nice photo D:

I need to watch the movie again, felt too excited to really enjoy the movie. Kept thinking how we will get to see Sho again at the end of the movie. Since I took the cruise a few months after the Nazodi cast came here to film, I was pretty excited to see familiar scene during the movie. And even those scene of them in Singapore (I was at those location during the filming last year). Especially excited at the Titanic scene, finally got to see it close up!

At the end of the movie, the NazoDi cast entered from the back. Sho high-fived with a guy and girl and Keiko shook hands with some people
Sho helping Keiko up the stairs!

Sho: "Hello, I'm Sho Sakurai. Thank you for watching our movie. When we were filiming I went to the Raffles Hotel, Marina bay sands and of course Merlion. Alamak!*scream* Under renovation la! *scream* I'm happy to know that everyone who help me in Singapore can finally see this movie. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the movie. Must recommend to your friends...hor.*scream* Terimahkasih."*scream*
Keiko: "Good evening everyone, I'm Keiko Kitagawa. Did you enjoy the movie? Thank you. I was really looking forward to come here and very happy to see you guys." 
Then process to speak in Japanese. She talked about the filming last year and was really happy to meet us today. 
Host: "What is your impression of Singapore?"
Sho: "たくさんあるけれども。。。"   someone shouted "食べ物は?" Sho thought about it for awhile then and puffed his cheeks before continuing
Sho mentioned that last year, he went Little Indian to eat chicken rice. He shared a table with 2 Japanese girls at the food court but they didn't recognise him at all. When he return to Japan, he ate the chicken rice there but as expected, the chicken rice in Singaproe is better. He then check his watched and said that he had yet to eat it this time, so he hope to eat before he go back.
(p.s: In Singapore, food court is unlike restaurant where there is assigned table. It is free seating, so you just sit anywhere you want. Ii is pretty much common for strangers to share table when there is no empty table)

Keiko agreed with Sho about delicious food in Singapore. Also mentioned how the fans here are passionate and the girls here are fashionable and want to learn from us.

Sho did his concert greeting
"上のほうまで *scream*

向こうのほうまで *scream*

前の皆様" *scream*
Was so happy that he did it! I managed to Instavideo it!

After the photo taking at the end, Sho once again took the translator mic to say something before going off. I think he either said "Love you all" or "Hope to see you again soon"

Can tell that Sho was quite irritated with the MC and translator. I think Sho spoke in parts to give time for the translator to do her job but she wasn't doing a good job. Sho noticed that the MC was giving him the most attention. When the MC asked Sho to say his last words to the audience, he asked whether it was okay with just him, shouldn't they ask the other casts, and asked the director to start first.
Having said that, I think that the translator did quite a good job already. It is not easy to translate on the spot and she was probably stressted. Evermore when most of us already understood Japanese and was reacting to what the cast said in Japanese even before she have the time to translate.

28th July, Sunday: Departure 
After the gala premiere ended, AWAVE gathered back and, those who can made it, went to the airport. We reached the airport around 11:15pm. At that point of time, most of us were hungry and having leg and back pain from the hours of standing. 
Around 11:30, the media staff(who interviewed us at airport) arrived, the interviewer remembered Van and me and asked us(in English) if we saw the movie just now and how we felt about it. Thanked him after that and told him "お疲れ様でした", he looked kinda shock but was happy. 
Saw the Lady and asked if she remembered us, she did! And she even said she was looking for us at the red carpet to pass us tickets to the gala.
Media staff check in first. Around 12am(didn't keep track of time), the guards rush towards the exit door. Then in came Kippei with some NazoDi staff (poor staff, didn't have time to bath and change out of their nazodi shirts). Kippei waved to us as he walked into the vip check in area.
Then came Keiko escorted by with some NazoDi staff and security gaurds, she is really pretty even without make-up. She waved and smiled to us when we said "お疲れ様でした"
After sometime, at 12:40, sho arrived and was surrounded by lots of Nazodi staff and security guards. Wanted to say "お疲れ様でした" to him to but saw his black face and only said "おつ。。。" Oh well, it was probably because there were some fans holding their camera.

Waited there till all 3 of them entered the departure hall before we change location. Was very irritated with this girl standing near the departure gate who keep snapping photo of Sho despite the security guard's effort to stop her. 

From our location, we stood there waiting with our あげぽよ board.
Kippei was the first to walked past, although can see he is tried, he still waved to us. 
Next was Keiko, who walked very looks very relax and carefree. And because Mango and I wasn't holding up the board yet, she slowed down to see what we wanted to show her and laughed at our little panic moment when we got the boards opposite and upside down. When she finally saw it, she mouthed "あげぽよ", smiled and waved.
I hope she remember us from last year!

And as we waited and waited till 1:15am, till the gate was about to close, the prince finally made his appearance! Sho was surrounded by staff and talking happily to them. We started waving and flashing the board, hoping that he will see us. 
SHO SAW US!!! HE FREAKING SAW US. HE TOOK OFF HIS CAP, WAVED IT, PUT IT BACK ON, SMIRKED AND WALKED AWAY LIKEABOSS, leaving us squealing, hopping, and waving 10times faster to his back.

After that we got into a circle, jumped and screamed on the spot.
What a wonderful final memory of Sho to take away. Especially since this is probably the last time I will see him...

I like to end this report by saying I love this fandom very much. There are so many nice fangirls around who are willing to help each other. We are really lucky that NazoDi movie was filmed in Singapore as this give us the (most likely) only opportunity to see Sho. Love die the director for choosing Singapore!

Stars struck

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Finally settled down some stuff and have time to do this post. Last week was a really hectic but exciting and wonderful week.

At the end of last month, Amuse announced that flumpool, WEAVER and SID will be coming to Singapore for Music Matters Live! Mentally screaming in class when I saw the news. But I felt unsettle cause they kept saying that the Beer Market performance is invite-only and WEAVER will only be performing there. Some weeks past and they announced that the Beer Market is open to public, and that flumpool will be having a mini showcase for fans who buy the Singapore version of experience album. J-Live Asia even put up the arrival flight schedule on their Facebook page.

21 May, Tuesday (flumpool's arrival)
I rushed to airport straight after school and only reached at 5:15pm. Because Li Yin was already there, I manage to get the front row and have a nice view of their luggage belt. They finally came out around 5:45, but couldn't spot them at first until I saw Seiji; everyone else was wearing black! They waited at the luggage belt for quite long, and Kazuki went to the toilet before they came out so extension looking/waving time. 
While waiting for them to exit Li Yin, Eliza and I keep commenting about how Kazuki really slimmed down a lot and how Genki is still using his phone.
flumpool waiting at the luggage belt.

Ryuta was the first to exit. Tried asking for his signature but he rejected. But then he offered out his hand, instant remedy to the rejection, quickly grab his hand and said thank you. His smile was great despite him wearing a mask.
 The distance we were from them!

That's not me in the photo but Ryuta's smile is just~~
(Photo credit to Li Yin)
While setting down from our emotional high, I realized that all I remembered was "Ryuta, Ryuta and Ryuta" I didn't pay attention to Genki even though I was walking next to him. and I have no impression of Seiji.... WHAT WAS I DOING. Felt so guilty that I was only looking at Ryuta but I'm Ryuta bias and I only have one pair of eyes, so what can I do...

Li Yin, Eliza and I decided that we will repay Genki and Seiji during their performance.

22 May, Wednesday (WEAVER and SID's arrival)
Reached T2 around 4:30pm. Unlike the day before, barriers were put up (2bands coming, so 2 times the amount of fans)
Spot Sugi and Becchan!

At first, I was standing at the barriers area but saw them coming out and ran forward while Mango helped me secure my place. They were waiting at the luggage belt for quite long too and Becchan when to the toilet, so yay~ extension looking/waving time. Kept waving to them with this Indonesia fan girl. They noticed us and shyly waved back!!!! When they were walking towards the exit, I faster run back to my previous location
WEAVER stopped in front of the door before exiting, I think the guards were discussing with them about the exit route. 
(Photos taken by Venna)

Becchan was the first to exit. He accepted gifts from some fans standing at the front and start shaking hands with the fans. Got to shake his hand when he walk past me! 
After Becchan I was looking for the next member to shake hand with and saw Ohkkun so I reach my hand towards him but as I was reaching out, other person grabbed my hand and for that mere second I was thinking "Who? Why he suddenly grab my hand! Shotaaa" then I realize it was Sugi! He looked and me and smiled. When he was about to let go, I finally came back to sense and squeezed his hand! Next shook hand with Shota briefly then he walk past me le.

Turned to Venna and Mango and keep bouncing on the spot and repeating "I touched them! I shook their hands! I shook hands with them! Sugi grabbed my hand! Omg, they so shuai"
 Me shaking hand with Becchan!

 Sugi was wearing all black + black cap, no wonder my eyes just zoom past him

Sugi holding onto my hand~

Next was SID coming out but I rushed outside with the Indonesia fangirl to see WEAVER instead. It was such a great decision. But because they blocked the immediate door that led to outside, I told her to run to the other exit. AND WE SAW THEM, THEY SAW US. Even posed for our camera! For quite a long time, or so it felt, it was just us. So we were just 我看你,你看我+ all the smiling~ Hahaha, but I think they were a bit shock to see us out there.
 Sugi and Becchan posing for me!

 Becchan so cute can!

Then Venna and Mango came running out and Venna helped me take photo with them!! They posed for it!!! Ahhhh, and they looked so amused!
 My photo with WEAVER!
After taking the photo, Sugi will do a thumb up to us!

It was only awhile later that the other fangirls came out. And it was just like overwhelm of fanservice! Sugi was blocked from my view because he moved to the back seat...but Ohkkun and Becchan kept posing for us, especially Becchan! The bus didn't move for quite long. Just looking at them got me tearing slightly. Venna had to keep telling me not to cry.
 Ahhh, Ohkkun stealing my heart right here!!!

Finally, a photo of Sugi!

The staff took photo of us with them! And after that Ohkkun and Becchan took out their phone and took photo of us too! I tried to get Ohkkun's attention by imitating how he pose with his spectacles and he noticed! He even took photo of me and laughed!! Nearly die a happy fangirl on the spot.
Photos taken by the staff!

23 May, Thursday (Music Matters Live + Beer Market)
Soooo only slept at 1:30, cause I felt too excited to sleep. Woke up at 6:30 for school, so tempted to sleep in...but I had Business Accounting test.
School ended 1 hour earlier, so I figured that I could sleep for 1hour before going over. Don't think I could last long in my condition. Ended up sleeping 30mins longer =.=

Reached the fountain before 6pm and had my dinner there. It was so hard to sallow down my food cause my stomach felt so tight from the excitement. The whole event got delayed for 30min and we had to go through 4 bands before flumpool.

There was suppose to be 5 bands before but I guess they didn't want to delay it any later since they still have Beer Market performance after that. The interval in between each band was super long, lots of sound check.
I was quite back behind, lots of tall people standing in front.
It didn't help when their friends started cutting lines to join them later on...

With Mango!

Whenever flumpool and SID's PV played on the screen, everyone would get really excited. While waiting for flumpool's staff to do sound check, we were singing along with their Akashi PV playing on the screen.
The interval before flumpool's performance!

Set list@fountain stage:
1.Kakusei identity
2. Touch
3. Hana ni Nare
5. Answer

Flumpool started with Kakusei identity. Went super high and started jumping up and down. Ryuta throw his guitar pick in my direction after Touch but it went too far back for me to catch...was so tempted to swim through the crowd to get it.

After Hana ni Nare, Ryuta did this cheering thing where he divides us into segments (right side, left sides, female, and males) and keep making us scream. "Right! Left! Ladies! Gentlemen! Singapore!"
The best shot I could take from my distance.

At the end of Answer, Ryuta threw his guitar pick again! AND THIS TIME I FREAKING GOT IT. It flew behind me and I quickly turn did a 180 degree turn, squat and reach out my hand! This girl wanted to step onto my hand D:<
(if you watch the recording by MML, you can see my penlight instantly disappear and my head bouncing up and down after that)
 Ryuta's guitar pick which he kissed before throwing

Left straight for Beer Market after flumpool's performance (once again, sorry SID) and saw Siew Kim! So shocked to see her there, didn't know that she still like flumpool!
Sadly, Mango and Venna couldn't enter Beer Market cause they're underage.

The seats that we reserved were super awesome! Just next to the waiting area and in direct view of the stage! No heads or hands to block us. And it was literary just next to the path that they have to walk through to get to the waiting area. The only down thing was that we had to knee on the sofa throughout the whole performance.
 With Yi Wen, waiting for the soundcheck to be done.

 A rough outline of how the place looked like


WEAVER was the first to perform. While waiting for them to arrive, we were talking to this 2 guys who asked us some question on J-pop, why we aren't into K-pop etc... One of the guy told the other that flumpool was damn cool at the fountain performance and he should check them out. While chatting halfway, I saw WEAVER entering and just ended the conversation there.

Becchan held my hand while trying to walk through the narrow pathway~ High-fived with Ohkkun and  held Sugi's hand for quite long. (I gripped his hand again!)
WEAVER doing their sound-check

WEAVER@Beer Market set list:
1. Tokidoki Sekai
2. Lace (English version)
3. Special medley (66番目の汽車に乗って, 2次元銀河, Hard to say I love you)
4. Shall we dance

Their performance was so awesome! Lots of eyes-contact to our side! Also, WEAVER's English improved a lot, seriously a lot.
Sugi doing the "ok" sign to Ohkkun and us

Sugi started by greeting us, "Hello, Singapore! Sorry for the wait! We are WEAVER! Are you ready?! 1, 2, 3, 4!"
Ohkkun waving to our side!

Tokidoki Sekai was the opening song and it got our tension really high.
Ohkkun getting us more hype up at the beginning for Tokidoki Sekai!

Sugi: "Hello! Hello, Singapore! Very hot. This is our third performance here and we appreciate you for giving us such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful opportunity. Thank you! We are Japanese Piano Trio Band, and we haven't sang any language expect for Japanese so...we decided to changed our lyrics of our old song, called "Lace", because we want you to understand what we sing. Check this out" 
^^^^yes, all these said in English by Sugi!!!! It was later reveal that Becchan was the one who translated the song! 

At the start of Lace, Sugi's piano solo, there was like these er...ear-precising sound thingy? The sound keep going off and when it went really bad Sugi stopped and went "Oh!!" Haha, when he wanted to continue, he pressed the wrong key and went "Wao!" Practice a bit of running notes before saying"thanks for waiting".
When Lace ended, Sugi fanned himself with his hands and said "It is too hot"
 When the sounds went really bad


Ohkkun told us a bit about their history: "Are you enjoying?! Are you enjoying?! As you can see, we are the Piano Trio Band... and actually Yuji, vocal on piano, used to play the guitar. As the other members leave the unit, we have this formation. Yuji and I composed all song, and Toru, on drums, write all lyrics. He wrote lots of fantastic songs!" (ALL IN ENGLISH)

Becchan: "Thank you! Hello! I write lyrics about the song and play drum, and also all song lyrics in Japanese. But now, I am writing lots of English song. Because I like more people to listen to our music. It will be great for us if you like that. But, but today, first of all, I will like you to enjoy the sound of the Piano Trio band. Okay, right?"

Ohkkun: "Yes, you are right, yes, that's right... we will like you to experience our songs as much as possible, so we made a special medley for today's show. Please enjoy our whfiw....ah sorry. Please enjoy...(didn't manage to catch what he said)... I won't be singing it. Please next song, yes, but, ah listen to next song please."

So, they started they special medley which consist of the chorus from 66番目の汽車に乗って, 2次元銀河 and Hard to say I love you.
Couldn't contain my scream after Sugi sang "Hard to say I love you". Everyone sang along after that! The whole medley was just so beautiful~
Straight after it end, Ohkkun played a bass solo and then Becchan and Sugi joined it with snare drum and piano. This then lead to other er..medley sort-of-thing?
Sugi "playing" the piano with his back facing it

Sugi: "Thank you, I am so happy, thank you very much. (then he said something about language and culture, and how it bring us together). we make songs for everyone in the world. Please invite your country if you like our music today. Thanks for coming, thank you very much!"

Thought that they were going to end in just like that. NEXT SONG WAS SHALL WE DANCE. Super happy when I heard the first few notes of the song! The chorus is super fun to sing along with.

The exit order was Ohkkun, Sugi, Beccha, Ohkkun, omg, held for damn long and is held together with Li Hui's and Yi Wen's hand. After that, high five with him then Sugi and Becchan. More like high-five then grip. XD
Becchan ended it off energetically! 

Next was flumpool. The setlist was similar as fountain stage performance. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun. When they were making their way to the waiting area, we didn't really get to high-five with them. Probably due to the narrow pathway and the staff rushing them in?
 flumpool doing their soundcheck

 The led in from soundcheck to Kakusei Identity!

Flumpool@Beer Market set list:
1. Kakusei Identity
2. Because I Am
3. Hana ni Nare
4. Answer
5. Akashi

Genki getting us hype up!

Can easily guess what song they're singing base on Ryuta's pose!

Screenshot from video taken by Li Hui, I was one person away from her.


I swear Ryuta kept looking our way! Then Genki did this like biting action. Last song was Akashi which I sang along with them. Such a beautiful song, so happy that they sang it!

Tried to show Ryuta his pick when they exit but he didn't see, so I missed out the chance to high five with him and Genki(who was before Ryuta). But at least I mange to do it with Seiji and Kazuki!
Ending off their performance.

Lastly, SID. But the whole thing was so delayed that their performance only started near 3am. THEY SANG USO!!! It was so awesome at the start cause you can hear everyone singing along. Mao had the crowd going wild when he strip and sing at the same time. Aki threw guitar pick like free one. Had an encore.
Mao stripping while singing.

SID@Beer Market set list:
1. Mascara
2. Monokuro no Kiss
3. Uso
4. V.I.P

Just Mao letting the fangirls touch him as they like.

The whole thing only ended at 3:45am and our keens were dying. Did a survey for barks while waiting for taxi. Cab home with Li Yin and Elene. Reach home around 4, bath at 5, slept at don't know what time and wake up at 9:30.

24 May, Friday (flumpool "experience" showcase + J's arrival + flumpool, WEAVER, SID's departure) 
^yes, it was a very long and happening day.

Reached shanghai dolly around 1030am. Really grateful to Li Yin and Elene because they queued at 7; we were the first few in line. Bought subway to eat and just chitchat to pass the time. After all the false alarm and looking out for white van, at 12pm, flumpool arrived and entered through the back door.
Waiting outside of Shanghai Dolly.

At 2:30pm, we were given the lucky draw paper. Finally at 3:30pm, we were allowed to enter! Rushed straight to the stage and were on the second row but still super close to the stage. Stood at the (our) left side of the stage. Meaning we were in between Genki and Ryuta, with good view of Seiji. Our way of repaying back Genki and Seiji while still being Ryuta bias. (After everything, I realize I've lack of Kazuki)

Since the showcase was organized by YES93.3FM, we guessed that they will have a host to start it off.  And out guess were right. Ivy reminded us about the rules which include no photography and videography, and also no touching.
The distance we were away from the stage!

Tried taking a group photo there

Totally went crazy when flumpool came out. Ryuta started warming us up. Managed to highfive Genki when he walked nearer us(Er...the rule of no touching totally flew out from my head). And I managed touch Ryuta during one of the song.(you tell me how to resist when he is SO near us!)
(All photos relating to the showcase is from YES93.3FM facebook)

Set list:
1. Kakusei Identity
2. Touch
3. Because I Am
4. Answer
5. Akashi
Encore: OAOA

It was just a mini showcase, and pretty much the song they sang at both fountain and Beer Marker. Thought that they'll sing additional songs from experience album :(
Nevertheless, compared to the previous 2 performance, this showcase was the best. The sound quality, the distance, the atmosphere, everything! Especially the atmosphere cause everyone around you is there for flumpool!

Before Answer(I think), Ryuta did the cheering thing that he did during the fountain performance. But this time, there was only like 3 males, and they were standing at the first row. Ryuta was like "So few!", then high-fived them.

Everyone sang along for Akashi from the start and Ryuta stood away from the mic to let us continue for almost the whole song. But he did help in-between the song.

Chanted for encore and we got it! When they came back I got to high five with Seiji! Ryuta started the MC by saying "You guys are hot!", and proceed to take off his blazer. During the MC, Kazuki was finally standing on our side! Ryuta had some difficulties understanding the question and tried really hard to answer in English. Until he gave up and asked whether he can asnwer in Japanese.

Ryuta"Er...I, er...can I answer in Japanese?"
^this got everyone laughing

But there was this point where he really wanted to say his answer in English and bend down to the Japanese girl in front of my row, asking her how to say it.
Ryuta said something about how wonderful it is that we can connect through music and that they will come back again(I was tearing already) and want us to go over Japan for their concert. He then asked us if we will go over and we were all "YEAHHH!!"
Quite sad that Kazuki is not in this photo :(

After OAOA, there was another MC. Ivy asked Ryuta for his favorite moment and he said it was during Akashi where everyone sang along.
Kazuki finally spoke and he started with flying kisses followed by "I LOVE SINGAPORE! ...英語はこれしか言えない" and proceed to speak in Japanese.
Kazuki said that he lost 3kg after coming to Singapore and is 5kg from his ideal weight. He then suck in his face and said that is how he will look like the next time we see him.

Lastly, the lucky draw began. Ryuta was the first to pick and he said "I can't read" and then they gathered together to figure out how to read the name. Didn't get chosen but it was cute watching them try to read off the small paper. The last lucky draw was also done by Ryuta and he picked up a handful of papers saying he want everyone to have it. ;___; 
Found this photo on Instagram.
Someone secretly took a photo during the showcase :x

After drinking our free drink, we went out to the back door to wait for them. Promised the guards that we will behave ourselves and not move forward so that they won't form a human chain. But when more fangirls gathered, they lost their trust in us...
Genki(see, using his phone again!), Ryuta and Kazuki.

Genki and Genki-lookalike-staff
Keep getting cheated by him!

The video that I took captured quite a nice shot of Genki!

Rushed to airport to meet AWAVE and wait for J's arrival.
With Li Hui, waiting for train to the airport.

While waiting for J at the arrival gate, I got the most devastating news from Li Yin. Flumpool took the earlier flight and went inside the departure hall already. And lots of fans got their signature. Felt super depress after hearing about it... I WAS JUST ONE LEVEL APART!!!!

Sigh.... tried to put the sad news aside and continue to wait for J. Felt so much better and so happy when we finally saw her!!!!
Anyway, when we were waiting, this Japanese lady asked us who we were waiting for with this look of happiness in her eyes XD Okay la, can't blame her. 13girls at the arrival gate, wearing shirt with Arashi prince logo, あげぽよ☆WAVE and AMNOS-coloured rainbow printed on it + carrying Beautiful World tote bag.
Went T3 to have dinner(more like gobbled down the food in 10mins) and rushed back to T2 to wait for WEAVER.

 Jamie's photo of us.
Totally looks like we're waiting for idol.

Finally a group photo with all 13 of AWAVE!


The bus that they took when they arrive, came first but it was just the staff. Next bus that came was SID's staff.

Lucky another fangirl told me that WEAVER already reach and is in the black van ahead.
Turns out really to be them. Walked side by side with them when they exit all the way to the check in area. When they were checking in, Sugi posed for our camera and kindly stayed in that pose because we asked him to wait for a while.

Here is some photo of Mao because he is looking into my camera!

While Ohkkun was being drag by their staff to check in. I finally called out for him and showed him his spectacles pose.
Me "おっくん、おっくん"
Him*turn and look at me*
Me"これ"*did spec pose*
He laughed and did back the pose!! He then proceed to take out his phone to take photo of us!
Screenshot from video taken by Li Hui

When they finished checking in, they walked towards us and started giving handshake and autograph. Decided to target Ohkkun because most of the fans were crowding around Sugi and Becchan.

Gathered the courage to ask Ohkkun for a photo when he was signing his autograph for me(which then the other fangirls saw and start asking too). He said something like "ah, sign and take photo? But it is hard to sign without a table" But still pose for the camera! So 優しい~


Went  to Sugi and asked for a photograph
Me"杉くん" (I said it quite softly.)
Him*turn and look at me*
Me"写っっ真撮っって.." (Haven't finish my sentence)
But he turned back to attend to the fangirls in front of him and I was quite worried but after he was done with them. He walked over to me!!!!!!!! Tried asking for Becchan too but didn't have enough time. D;

Walked with them to the departure gate. Kept looking at Sugi and Ohkkun. Sugi looked and smiled at me. Was waking just right beside Becchan. I look at him and he reach out his hand and I grabbed which he looked a bit taken back. Then I realized that he wanted to pat my head!WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH MY MIND
My distance away from Ohkkun and Sugi!
Becchan was just beside me!

After they entered, I started hyperventilating and radiating a lot of heat.
 The final wave ;___;
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